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Cisco VPN client on Windows 8

I posted previously about the wonders of getting Cisco VPN client to work 'out of the box', there was initially trouble with Windows 7 and it's no different with Windows 8... The symptom is that when you try and connect it complains that it can't enable the adapter: "Reason 442: Failed to enable Virtual Adapter". The problem is that the name of the adapter in the registry has got some corruption and so the client software can't find the entry to enable. Open regedit and find  HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CVirtA In there you'll see  DisplayName which has some funky information on the front of it. It should just be  Cisco Systems VPN Adapter  so remove any junk from the front and you should be good to go. No restart of the system required for this one, or even the client for that matter, just try and reconnect and it should work.

Windows 8 change the monitor the 'Modern' start screen appears on

I finally found out how to change the monitor that the 'Modern' start screen appears on in Windows 8. There used to be an option in the context menu on the taskbar to set the monitor as where the new start menu appears, but that seems to have gone in the final release. This was an issue for me as one of my monitors is a touch screen and it makes sense to align that with the new 'Modern' interface. Press the [windows key] + [page down] to change the monitor used!