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Reformatting a php.ini file with Sublime Text 3 for use with Ansible

So quite a specific post this... PHP .env files are of the format KEY_A=true KEY_B="This Is Another Value" To set variables for use with a Jinja2 template they need to be something along the lines of key_a: true key_b: ThisIsAnotherValue In Sublime Text in the replace all (CTRL+H) Make sure that regex matching is on and not to preserve case. Find What: (.+)=(.+) Replace With: \L$1\E: $2 This will replace two groups of one or more characters. The first will be lowercased, the equals replaced with a colon and then the second group in its original case. Then the original .env file can have the following in the Jinja2 template KEY_A={{key_a}} KEY_B={{key_b}}