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Mouse without borders

Can't believe I didn't know about this one. Mouse without borders is a Microsoft Garage project (side projects by Microsoft Staff done out-of-hours) for sharing your mouse and clipboard between up to 4 machines. You can even drag and drop files between the machines. The scenario I find this most useful in, is where I have a laptop sat next to my main monitor, and can easily control it without having to switch keyboard and mouse. Many have reported it's easier to use than similar solutions, go have a look and see if it fits your needs. Overview page , Download page Other similar solutions I like and have used for some time include:  - Synergy (cross platform - free) - Input Director (free for non-commercial use)

Free training for Life with Firebrand Training

I've used Firebrand training on many occasions and strongly recommend them as a training provider. They're currently running a free-entry competition to win free training for life, use the link below to enter! Free training for Life