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Getting SSH agent passthrough working with VS code

(Updated 2023-04-24) I had frustrations getting SSH agent passthrough working with VS code such that when I was remoted onto a linux box and working with git, I wasn't able to use the git functions inside code as the auth was failing. Doing the following worked for me at an administrator powershell prompt on your own machine Set-Service ssh-agent -StartupType Automatic Start-Service ssh-agent Once you've got pageant or similar loading your keys then this should all work. You might need to add entries similar to below into your local ssh config file to ForwardAgent yes: Host remotehostname      User yourusername      ForwardAgent yes Also make sure that you've got your ssh identity loaded Use the following to list identities 'ssh-add -l' and the following to add your id_rsa key 'ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa' Troubleshooting "ssh -V" to get the version. Try using "ssh -vT" to test the forwarding. Due to bugs in the version of openss