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Visual Studio Code keeps asking to sign in to sync settings...

Recently I had an issue where every time I started Visual Studio Code it would ask me to log in again to sync settings. It would work for the session, but after a restart of vscode it would appear to forget them. Turns out this is apparently due to a full list of credentials. This is referred to in the Troubleshooting keychain issues page: Below is the text from the article at this point: Windows If the keychain throws the error "Not enough memory resources are available to process this command", open the Credential Manager application, click on Windows Credentials and go through the list to see if there are some you can delete. This error was first reported in  issue #130893  and happens when you have too many credentials in your Credential Manager. If you're not sure what credentials to delete, try deleting all of the vscode specific credentials which all start with  vscode . Here i