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Debugging multiple PHP projects with VS Code and Laragon

Laragon is a great solution for developing PHP, and especially Laravel, projects on Windows. It bundles together Apache, PHP, MySql and automatic host resolution based on folder names. It's great... Until... You try and debug in VS Code using XDebug when multiple sites on your local machine are hit in quick succession resulting in multiple connections from apache being opened against port 9000 on your VS Code instance at the same time. This manifests itself in VS Code by not hitting any breakpoints and just showing "Request 1" and "Request 2", or similar, in the debug call stack. In my environment, I have a main project containing middleware that does a security check against a second project before hitting my main action in my controller. Both PHP instances fire off their XDebug connections on port 9000, as xdebug.remote_autostart=1 in the PHP ini file. Normally this is fine as only one project is practically running at once, but the middleware cause