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Making Microsoft Dataverse OData queries using Postman

Once you have registered your application and have your ClientId and ClientSecret you can use these to authenticate using oauth2 client credentials workflow. Environment Create an appropriate Postman environment with the following variables: url - https://<yourcompanyname> clientid - <your clientid> clientsecret - <your clientsecret> version - 9.1 webapiurl - {{url}}/api/data/v{{version}} tenantid - <guid> authurl -{{tenantid}}/oauth2/v2.0/token Collection Authorization Setup Authorization for your Postman Collection so all the calls within will inherit it and use the token. Set the Type to "OAuth 2.0" Add auth data to "Request Headers" Configure New Token Token Name - "MyToken" Grant Type - "Client Credentials" Access Token URL -  "{{authurl}}" Client ID - "{{clientid}}" Client Secret - "{{clientsecret}}" Scope - "{{url}}/.default"