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Occasionally making phpunit work with PhpStorm and homestead

When using homestead on vagrant I find that I need to use ssh/sftp setup for the server and interpreter for it to get the path mappings correct. Settings I configure "Build, Exection, Deployment" -> "Deployment" Add an entry for the server and set its "Type" to be "SFTP". In the "Connection" tab, set the details according to the information obtained by running "vagrant ssh-config". Set the "Auth type" to "Key pair" and set the "Private key file" to be the location of the IdentityFile from the ssh-config. In the "Mappings" tab, make sure that the deployment path remote server location matches the local path. Set up the PHP interpreter by going to "PHP" and adding a remote Interpreter. Set the remote to be based on the "Deployment configuration", saves you setting up all the SSH information again. In "PHP" -> "PHPUnit" add a "