Windows 7 - Cisco VPN Client

I recently started using Windows 7 and so decided to push it to the limit and run all the software I was previously running under Vista. The only serious problem I had with incompatibility was a known issue with Daemon Tools in that it simply isn't compatible with Windows 7, so I used the free version of Virtual CloneDrive by ElaborateBytes instead.

My next stumbling block was to get the Cisco VPN client working. Oddly enough I had no problems getting this to work on build 6956, but on moving to 7000 I kept getting a dreaded blue screen everytime I tried to start Windows. Luckily the system repair managed to get round this and take me back to the system point just before I'd installed the VPN client.

After hunting round the web for a while I found a simple combination of things that seemed to result in a reliable way of getting the VPN client to install and work properly.

The VPN client version is v5.0.04.0300. First I changed the properties of the Setup application so that it was running Vista compatibility mode, then I ran the setup as an administrator. Once the client installed, I set up the profile and connected to the remote site to check it was working. All no problems, so I rebooted and no blue screen, all worked as advertised and I haven't had a problem since.

You can also run the compatibility troubleshooter which provides a nice wizard type view to set the compatibility options and the security level for running the application as administrator.


  1. Hey,

    Don't suppose you have any suggestions for helping Windows Live Messenger 2009? It's been a bit huffy with me when I've been on Cisco VPN and I also have Windows 7.

    Thank you muchly!


  2. Hey,

    Don't suppose you have any suggestions for getting Windows Live Messenger 2009 to work whilst on the Cisco VPN client? I'm also on Windows 7. It constantly signs me out when the VPN client is connected, bit of a pain!

    Thanks muchly!


  3. I would check with your IT department, it's possible that while you're on VPN, your general networking is trying to route over your work network, i.e. through a proxy? Can you use Live Messenger at work normally?


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