Windows 7 - Can't modify wireless network profile

I came across an interesting problem caused by a group policy enforcing a wireless network policy to attach to the local corporate network and automatically authenticate.

The wireless network in question does not broadcast its SSID. Under Vista and XP this isn't a problem as the checkbox that allows you to connect even if the WLAN is not broadcasting its SSID is checked. However in Windows 7 this checkbox was not ticked and because it was a group policy it was not possible to change it.

It's possible to take a copy of the profile and change that one instead though using the netsh command.

To export the existing profile that has all the settings in you want, just type
netsh wlan export profile 'profilename'

This will give you an XML file with your settings in. Rename it to 'newprofile.xml' or similar and then edit this file and change the name of the profile to something you want, like Profile2. Then run the following
netsh wlan add profile newprofile.xml

Then happily you will see the profile in your wireless network choices and can change the tickbox to allow to connect to the non broadcasting SSID.


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