I've spent the last 2 weeks obtaining my MCTS in WSS and MOSS Configuration. Very interesting to get to grips with the architecture and seeing how the WSS platform fits into the Microsoft offering. There seem to be so many products now that either tie into WSS or actively require it.
The next version of Sharepoint will no longer be known as Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS), but will revert to the old name of Sharepoint Server. My understanding is that this is to help retain the separation between the WSS product and Microsoft Office.
Microsoft Office 2010 Technical preview is already around and brings some great interface improvements and features. The only problem is that to take advantage of all these neato enhancements you have to have the latest versions of Office, WSS and Exchange. It's tough being in IT when there's not much money available in the budget but you want to implement new systems...


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