Windows 10

Skipping a version seems to be all the rage. The next version of Windows is indeed destined to be Windows 10 apparently. Not Windows 9. That would be too logical.
This is interesting in the recent light of the next version of PHP, after PHP 5.6, is to be PHP 7.  There was a vote and it found in favour of PHP 7 over 6. It's possible some of the same decisions that drove that version skip could contribute to the Microsoft decision. I'm sure they'll be some official announcement about why the version skip happened, but I suspect branching of software versions meant that Version 9 was abandoned in favour of 10. Unusual for a company Microsoft's size though, after all they can call Windows whatever they like, Windows 2014 etc etc.
It's interesting as well that while their operating systems are following an increasing numeric range, since Windows 7 at least, most of their other software follows a yearly indicator, Office, SQL Server, SharePoint.

Anyway it's time to go and play with the technical preview...

Liking it so far. At last the command prompt is getting some new features. The ability to just paste using the normal CTRL+V shortcut is long overdue and now being able to dynamically resize the window with text re-wrapping is nice to see.

I like the minimal borders, doesn't seem to make it any harder to grab hold of, does remind me of some Linux window managers though. Although to be fair, there's not that many different ways of doing things. Does look a bit cleaner now.

I feel Microsoft often do this with their interfaces, make it all swanky and then dial it back to actually make it do what you want, once they've found out what that is...

It really feels like this is Windows 8.2 though, not 10.  We'll see what the future brings.


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